What Happens to Your Business During a Divorce?

Due to the nature of our work at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, many clients we deal with have a business, or have a wife with a business, that is the main source of marital income. To determine the proper equitable distribution of marital assets, it is extremely important that a business valuation be performed in such a case.

There are many different elements of a business valuation.

    • First and most importantly, the economic conditions at the time of the valuation can be a key factor in determining the overall value.
    • Rises and falls in the economy can determine the distribution and sale of goods and services a company provides which then can increase or decrease the worth of the business.
    • The next element of a business valuation is the financial analysis. This financial analysis will determine where this business fits in with the rest of the players.

Orlando Divorce Attorney Helps You Keep Your Business

At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we pay special attention to this element of the business valuation to insure that all numbers gathered are accurate and used correctly in the distribution of the marital assets. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm works with financial experts such as appraisers and accountants to perform extensive business valuations so as to be sure our clients are receiving exceptional service.

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